Medicine, Magic and Mantics in Ancient Egypt: Discussions on Technical Language and New Sources

5-6 October 2023, Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig
(Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 1, 04107 Leipzig)

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5th October

Introduction and Welcome

09:15-09:45Hans U. Schmid, Peter Dils and Hans-W. Fischer-Elfert (Strukturen und Transformation) and Amber Jacob and Sofie Schiødt (SciPap) – Introduction and Welcome
09:45-10:45Keynote: Marco Frenschkowski
Categories of reality in ancient lexical lists and in late antique lexicography
10:45-11:00Coffe Break

Section I: The fuzzy boundaries between medical and magical practise

11:00-11:30 Amber JacobMagical instances in Demotic medical texts
11:30-12:00Anne GronsHealing across phraseological (?!) borders: How to differentiate between “medical” and “magical” healing approaches in Coptic
medical recipes?
12:00-12:30Tonio Sebastian RichterAl-Rāzī in the Egyptian countryside: A 9th-/10th-century
Coptic archive of medical and alchemical manuscripts and its
intellectual background

Section II: Medical texts in context

14:00-14:30 Tanja PommereningMedical reenactments: Emic and etic perspectives (in-person only)
14:30-15:00Sofie Schiødt Understanding myths in medicine: A discussion of the mythological narratives in an herbal treatise
15:00-15:30Lingxin ZhangConcerns for women‘s health in Graeco-Roman Tebtunis (online)
15:30-16:00Coffee Break

Section III: Layout of medical and magical texts

16:00-16:30 Christopher WaßOf signs, words, and phrases: Some remarks on the use of Egyptian
writing systems in the so-called Papyri Demoticae Magicae
16:30-17:15Sylvie Donnat The text-image relationship in amuletic papyri: The case of the description of the hierocephalic crocodile in P. Louvre 32311
17:15-19:00Lutz PopkoPublishing a masterpiece, from Stone Age to Digital Age, and
back to the analog world: The Papyrus Ebers replica (in-person only)
19:00Conference Dinner

6th October


09:30-10:30Keynote: Alexander BrawanskiThe ancient Egyptian drug inventory for the treatment of eye diseases: Searching for patterns
10:30-11:00Coffe Break

Section IV: Technical language in medical and magical texts

11:00- 11:30 Camilla Di Biase-DysonMetaphors in Ancient Egyptian healing texts: Building blocks of scientific language (online)
11:30- 12:00Hans-W. Fischer-Elfert Eye-paint, orpiment, and jaundice: Demystifying a hitherto unknown hieratic sign in a Berlin treatise on ophthalmology
12:00- 12:30Anke BlöbaumThe conception of the body and its parts in the Oracular Amuletic Decrees and beyond
12:30- 14:00Lunch

Section V: Magical texts in context

14:00-14:30 Ivan GuermeurThe hand of Atum and the fight against incubi: An unpublished passage from Brooklyn papyrus 47.218.2
14:30-15:00Svenja NagelBetween sexual enhancement and control: Aphrodisiac recipes and their adaptations in the Demotic and Greek Magical Papyri
15:00-15:30Korshi DosooDivination in Coptic magical texts

Section VI: Looking into the future: Astronomy and astrology

16:00-16:40 Marina Escolano-Poveda & Kim RyholtDemotic handbooks on decanal astrology (in-person only)
16:40-17:10Ida Adsbøl ChristensenTheoretical information on astrological houses in P. Carlsberg 71 (in-person only)
17:10-18:30Closing remarks
18:30Reception at the Egyptian Museum